Solar Led Garden

Solar Water Feature Solar Fountain Garden Solar Powered Outdoor Cascade Pump Led

Solar Water Feature Solar Fountain Garden Solar Powered Outdoor Cascade Pump Led

Solar Water Feature Solar Fountain Garden Solar Powered Outdoor Cascade Pump Led
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And the best of all, your goods will be delivered directly to your home. All products in almost unbeatable price-performance. Workshop and Spare parts service. Selection 1: Solar Cascade "Terra 2" dimensions. Selection 2: The Lovers Fountain dimensions. Selection 3: Solar fountain "CLASSIC GARDEN-2" with Li-Ion Akku & LED light. Dimensions of Tree Stump & Jars Solar Fountain with Li-Ion Battery & LED Light. Selection 5: Dimensions of Fairy-Tale Frog Solar Fountain. "Rügen 200" Solar Pond Decoration with Battery & LED.

Dimensions of "Frog King" Solar Water Feature. Dimensions of "Granite -Black 1" Solar Decoration with LED Light.

Dimensions of the "Granite Bowls Cascade" Solar Decoration. Dimensions of the "Lady with a Pitcher" Solar Feature. Selection 11: Mermaid at the Pond. Dimensions of "The Rascal" Solar Pond Pump.

Dimensions of "The Mermaid" Solar Pond Decoration. Selection 14: Dimensions of the "Rattan with Black Ball" Solar LED Set. Dimensions of the Solar "Granite Pillar & Bowls" with LED Light.

SOLAR POND PUMP WATER FOUNTAIN. 3 year guarantee , lifespan of over 60,000 operating hours (note below). Produces a soothing sound of water in the garden pond.

Solar pump system has a ready to use plug. High quality solar panel with power from 1.3W to 5W. Integrated filter protects the pump (easily cleans itself). Adjustable angle of the solar module and a 5m connection cable make it possible to optimally place the panels in a sunny area.

Beautify your garden, terrace, pond, balcony and enjoy the water feature of the fountain! Moving water enchants your garden, terrace, garden pond etc!

With solar there is no need for house electricity. Neither is there need for the 230V socket/cable. Saves energy in the long run as there are no electricity costs. Ready to plug solar set - ready to use.

High quality solar panels with power from 1.3W to 5W. All models with LED-Night-Illumination (except for "Mermaid"). The Solar Pond Pump-Sets translates the power of the sun into flowing water.

High quality components bring the water into motion as soon as sunlight reaches the solar surface. The stronger the sun, the more intensive is the water motion! The soothing sound of water gives each pond a special touch and the sparkling of water in sunlight is always the perfect eye catcher.

Flowing water provides more well-being in your garden and ensures a pleasant microclimate on hot summer days. The pond water motion does not only look good, it also provides a good supply of oxygen to your pond and your fish! Selection 1: The "SOLAR - CASCADE TERRA" is a 5-step layered fountain beautifully designed with high quality solar panel in stable unbreakable ALU-FRAME wih power from 2W.

It consumes no additional electricity - operates without costs and laying of cables in gardens is done away with. The improved solar panel st with IMMEDIATE-START-FUNCION, guarantees an optimal start of the pump with 100% more enjoyment! Selection 2: Solar fountain "THE LOVERS" with LED-Light & Li-Ion Battery is a romantic fountain with LED lighting and battery. It has a height of over 1m! High quality solar panel with a power of 2W and a maximum lifting height of 90cm.

The It Lovers illuminates in the darkness with LEDs. It can be used as a soothing decoration on the terraces or on the balcony. It can also be used as a decoration independent of water.

It can be the special highlight of a garden or simply as a birdbath. You can switch on and off the fountain using a switch on the solar panel. Selection 3: Solar fountain "CLASSIC GARDEN-2" with LED light & Li-Ion Battery.

Selection 4: Solar fountain "TREE STUMP and JARS" with LED-Light & Li-Ion Battery. Selection 5: The solar pump set FAIRY TALE-FROG translates the power of the sun into flowing water.

High quality components bring water into motion as soon as sunlight reaches the solar surface. The stronger the sun, the more intense is the water feature! Selection 6: The solar pond set "RUGEN 200" is a new model with LED light, exclusive with us! Operates in the shade as well as the sun.

There is no extra electricity consumed - operates without extra charges and there is no laying of cables in the garden. The innovative solar pump system guarantees you years of enjoyment.

This high quality solar panel has a wattage of 2W. Selection 7: The "FROG KING" is very compact and makes a really good figure for any pond. The surface is authentically designed and the solar powered pump delivers water in an arc form from the mouth of "Frog King" back into the water vessel. Selection 8: Solar set "GRANITE-BLACK" with LED light & Li-Ion Batterry.

Very decorative, improved model has INSTANT-START-FUNCTION, with LED illumination. Selection 9: Water Fountain "GRANITE BOWLS - CASCADE" with LED-Light & Li-Ion-Battery. Very decorative improved model with INSTANT-START-PUMPEN-FUNCTION, and LED illumination. Selection 10: The solar pond pump set "LADY with PITCHER" boats of authenticity and a surface area which gives the impression of a genuine marble figure. Water pours out of the pitcher with a soothing splashing back into the pond.

Selection 11: Solar fountain "MERMAID at the POND" with LED-Light & Li-Ion-Battery. Solar panel with power from 2.5W.

Selection 12: The "RASCAL" has a beautiful hat eine wunderschöne, natural looking colouring. The copper imitation is neatly done. The solar operated pump delivers water from the hand pump of the "Rascal" back into the water body.

With a height of ca. 53cm, it is definitely an eye catcher for any garden pond. Selection 13: The "MERMAID" has a captivating size and a surface which gives the impression of a bronze figure.

This set has the strongest pump in the articles described here. It delivers enough water in the shell and lets it fall back into the water body through four similar outlets. 75cm, the mermaid is the focus of every pond garden.

Selection 14: Solar fountain LED set "RATTAN" with LED-Light & Li-Ion-Battery. Output 250l/h, high quality solar panel in stable unbreakable ALU-RAHMEN with power from 2W.

Ideal fountain for gardens, garden ponds, terraces, balconies etc. Very decorative copper impression figure, perfect for RATTAN GARDEN FURNITURE! Selection 15: Solar fountain "GRANITE-PILLAR and BOWLS" with LED-Light & Li-Ion-Battery "granite bowls" and a black basin with a lovely black edge. Solar panel with a power of 2W. The solar fountain with LED light translates the power of the sun into flowing water.

These solar pond pump sets bring positive attitudes oasis! The new IMMEDIATE START AUTOMATIC function ensures that the pump starts even with slightly worse sun conditions.

The energy produced in the solar panel is stored and then abruptly supplied to the pump. Therefore, the pump starts faster than in similar solar sets without the IMMEDIATE-START-AUTOMATIC function. The startup resistor first has to be overcome so that the pump runs until sunlight is weak. You therefore get more enjoyment of your solar pond pump.

Your pond is thereby up to 100% more oxygen provided! NOTE: PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS HIGH QUALITY SOLAR MODULE WITH ALU-FRAME.


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  • Solar Water Feature Solar Fountain Garden Solar Powered Outdoor Cascade Pump Led